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LANDROVER Range Rover Sport

LANDROVER Range Rover SportPicture shown may not represent exact model specified
Reliability index363.00
Average repair costs£473.22

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Reliability Index
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Reliability Ratings  
Reliability Index363.00What does this mean?
Average Age5.62 yrsWhat does this mean?
Average Mileage60,340 milesWhat does this mean?
Time Off The Road (avg)2.61 hrsWhat does this mean?
Average Repair Costs£473.22What does this mean?
 Air Conditioning0.01%What does this mean?  
 Axle & Suspension0.43%What does this mean?  
 Braking System0.04%What does this mean?  
 Cooling & heating system0.03%What does this mean?  
 Electrical0.21%What does this mean?  
 Engine0.15%What does this mean?  
 Fuel System0.04%What does this mean?  
 Gearbox0.03%What does this mean?  
 Steering System0.03%What does this mean?  
 Transmission0.03%What does this mean?  
Air Conditioning
Axle & Suspension
Braking System
Cooling & heating system
Fuel System
Steering System
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Reliability Rating

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