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It's all very well the experts telling you what you need to know about a car, but just as the Reliability Index offers 'real world' information about a vehicle's dependability, it's important also to know what real car owners think about their cars.

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Latest Buying Guide

Kia Picanto (2011-2017)

Kia Picanto (2011-2017) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeWhen the original Picanto arrived in 2004 it marked the start of a new era for the Korean company. So when its successor was launched in 2011 expectations were high, and we weren't disappointed. The Picanto went straight to the top of the pile, with its smart looks, big-car feel, strong equipment levels and... Read More

Mazda CX-5 (2012-2017)

Mazda CX-5 (2012-2017) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeSome manufacturers seem to be incapable of producing a bad car and Mazda is just such a company. The Japanese brand offers a wide range of great cars and one of the best is its CX-5 compact SUV. When it arrived it set a new benchmark for crossovers combining space, quality and style with a great drive and... Read More

Mercedes C-Class Mk3 (2007-2014)

Mercedes C-Class Mk3 (2007-2014) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeUnless you can afford to buy something seriously costly, you'll struggle to find a car that says you've arrived quite like a Mercedes does. These saloons and estates may be towards the lower end of the Mercedes price lists, but those classy looks and that three-pointed star above the classic Mercedes grille... Read More

Seat Ibiza Mk4 (2008-2017)

Seat Ibiza Mk4 (2008-2017) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeThe fourth-generation Seat Ibiza was in production for almost a decade, but it hardly dated thanks to regular revisions. Modern, eye-catching, good to drive and cheap to run, the Ibiza stood out in a segment full of bland contenders. New drivers were reassured by its five-star Euro NCAP rating but while the... Read More

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