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It's all very well the experts telling you what you need to know about a car, but just as the Reliability Index offers 'real world' information about a vehicle's dependability, it's important also to know what real car owners think about their cars.

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Latest Buying Guide

Ford Ka (2009-2016)

Ford Ka (2009-2016) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeIf there's one thing that's key to making a small car succeed it's keen pricing - something that Ford has always excelled at. But buyers don't buy Fords just because they're cheap to buy; they're also practical, cheap to run and usually fairly reliable. While the second take on the Ka formula didn't have the... Read More

Mercedes A-Class (2004-2012)

Mercedes A-Class (2004-2012) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeThe smallest car to wear a Mercedes badge, the first- and second-generation A-Classes never really captured buyers' imaginations, despite their innovative design and construction. The A-Class wouldn't be a success for Mercedes until the much more conventional third-generation model arrived in 2012. A big... Read More

Kia Sorento (2010-2015)

Kia Sorento (2010-2015) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeFull-size 4x4s have a habit of being costly to buy and run, but it doesn't always have to be that way, as the Kia Sorento proves. What the Sorento lacks in image it more than makes up for in terms of value; not only is it packed with kit (especially if you buy something that's at least mid-range), but asking... Read More

Range Rover Sport (2005-2013)

Range Rover Sport (2005-2013) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeWhen Land Rover decided to make the Range Rover brand more accessible in 2005, by launching a smaller, sportier edition, there were raised eyebrows. But enthusiasts needn't have worried as the Range Rover Sport was - and still is - supremely capable in the rough, while also providing a great on-road... Read More