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It's all very well the experts telling you what you need to know about a car, but just as the Reliability Index offers 'real world' information about a vehicle's dependability, it's important also to know what real car owners think about their cars.

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Latest Buying Guide

Chevrolet Trax (2013-2015)

Chevrolet Trax (2013-2015) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeThe Chevrolet Trax had barely gone on sale in the UK before its maker announced that it was shutting up shop in Europe. As a result this micro-SUV never really stood a chance, but it didn't come close to threatening the class leaders anyway, so it was never much of a loss. That's not to say the Trax is a poor... Read More

Audi TT (2006-2015)

Audi TT (2006-2015) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeOne of the most distinctive cars on the road, the Audi TT has been hugely sought after ever since the first edition arrived in 1999. It's easy to see why; superbly built, great to drive, surprisingly practical and with some superb engines, the TT is one of the easiest sportscars to own. While most of its... Read More

Skoda Octavia (2004-2013)

Skoda Octavia (2004-2013) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeSome badge snobs still shun Skoda because of its past, but the last laugh is on them as they're missing out on a truly great car in the Octavia. The smart family hatch and estate has proved to be one of the easiest and most satisfying family cars to own in recent years, and while Skodas are no longer the... Read More

SEAT Leon (2005-2013)

SEAT Leon (2005-2013) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeWhen the SEAT Leon Mk2 arrived it instantly made all of its rivals look rather staid. With its swoopy lines the Leon cut a dash like no other small family hatch, and while time has reduced the visual impact of SEAT's mid-range car, the Leon still looks distinctive. Based on the contemporary VW Golf, the Leon... Read More

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