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How reliable is your car or the car you're about to buy?

And how do you determine what is or isn't a reliable car anyway? When you're considering the purchase of a car, there are only a handful of factors that really matter - reliability is one of them.

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Reliability Index is only possible thanks to the data acquired over more than a decade by Warranty Direct on the hundreds of thousands of cars it has covered and the millions of pounds worth of claims it has paid to keep UK motorists mobile.

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What affects reliability?

Having a car that won't let you down is important to almost every motorist, and two things affect your view of reliability.

How often it needs repairing, and how much it will cost you to put right.

A car could break down five times, but only cost you £50 each time to fix, or it could break down once and set you back £1,000.

That's why the Reliability Index figure combines several elements - cost, inconvenience and rate of failure - making it a 'real world' picture of car ownership.

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