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Buying a car can be a stressful business. Which car is the most efficient, which the most environmentally-friendly? Which car will give the perfect balance between sportiness and comfort? The Reliability Index exists to help with at least one of these important questions – which car is the most reliable. But we know there are other considerations that every potential car buyer mulls over, which is why we’ve asked our motoring experts to give their verdicts on all 250 cars featured in the Index. Our buying guides tell you everything you need to know before you scour the classified ads looking for your bargain buy.

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Each guide contains a summary, key dates in the model’s development, a checklist of what to watch out for and our experts’ likes and dislikes about the car. Simply use the dropdown list below to choose the make and model you wish to view.

Latest Buying Guide

Jeep Compass (2007-2017)

Jeep Compass (2007-2017) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeConsidering the original Jeep Compass was on sale for a full decade, total sales of less than 3,500 aren't very impressive. This may have been an important model for the iconic American brand, but British car buyers weren't excited by it. The Compass was built to tackle a segment in which Jeep had never... Read More

Mitsubishi i (2007-2011)

Mitsubishi i (2007-2011) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeYou could be forgiven for not even realising that the petrol-engined Mitsubishi i (or i-car) ever existed. It arrived in 2007 and remained on sale for four years, with very few sold in that time. It's a shame really because while the i had its limitations, it was a neat-looking car that was fun to drive, perky... Read More

Jeep Wrangler (2006-2018)

Jeep Wrangler (2006-2018) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeDespite an amazing history and the same level of off-road ability and aftermarket support as its British rival Land Rover, Jeep has never been embraced all that enthusiastically by British buyers. The Wrangler is a case in point. As Jeep's most hard-core model it's also one of the most unusual - when was the... Read More

Infiniti EX & QX (2009-2017)

Infiniti EX & QX (2009-2017) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeAlthough Nissan's luxury Infiniti sub-brand was launched in the US in 1989, it would be another 20 years before it came to Europe. One of the first cars offered was the EX, which was initially available only with a thirsty 3.7-litre petrol engine, ensuring that the EX was rather more exclusive than Infiniti... Read More