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Hyundai Coupé (2002-present) Buying Guide

Hyundai Coupé (2002-present)
Hyundai Coupé (2002-present)Hyundai Coupé (2002-present)Hyundai Coupé (2002-present)Hyundai Coupé (2002-present)Hyundai Coupé (2002-present)Hyundai Coupé (2002-present)Hyundai Coupé (2002-present)Hyundai Coupé (2002-present)Pictures shown may not represent exact model specified

by Richard Dredge

Don't listen to those badge snobs who say this is merely a Hyundai; this is one of the best coupés on the market, new or used. Not only does it look great, but it's well-equipped and amazingly reliable into the bargain. You want more? Okay then - it's also good to drive and eminently practical thanks to those folding seats. There aren't any real downsides to the car at all, but give any potential purchase a lengthy test drive to ensure you're happy with its dynamics - especially the ride and brakes.

We LikeWe Don't Like
Sleek styling
Superb reliability
Five-year warranty
Great handling
1.6 is underpowered
Hard ride
Stiff gear change on 2.7
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Key Dates 
1/02Third-generation Coupé launched with 1.6, 2.0 or 2.7 V6 petrol engines.
8/04SE limited edition has Lemon Yellow paintwork
12/04Facelift brings new alloy wheels, a fresh nose and detail design changes to the interior.
3/06All engines are now Euro 4 compatible.
9/06Atlantic limited edition available, based on 2.0 Coupé.
11/06Facelift brings restyled wheels, reprofiled nose and tail plus detail changes inside and out.
  • Coupe problems are few and far between, and it seems that the cars have no common faults at all. However, the following have been known in isolated cases:
  • Water pumps can fail prematurely
  • Clutches can wear quickly
  • Door locks can seize up
  • Alarm systems can prove erratic
  • Brake discs can wear prematurely
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