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Toyota Celica (2000-2006) Buying Guide

Toyota Celica (2000-2006)
Toyota Celica (2000-2006)Toyota Celica (2000-2006)Toyota Celica (2000-2006)Toyota Celica (2000-2006)Toyota Celica (2000-2006)Toyota Celica (2000-2006)Toyota Celica (2000-2006)Toyota Celica (2000-2006)Pictures shown may not represent exact model specified

by Richard Dredge

The first Celica was seen as long ago as 1970, but Toyota has now killed off the brand. That's a shame because the cars have always offered affordable, reliable and stylish transport for those wanting a sporting coupé. However, while the cars are great to own, the driving experience always left something to be desired thanks to an inert chassis - so have a thorough road test before buying, to make sure you like it.

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We LikeWe Don't Like
Running costs
Dull handling
Lack of low-down torque
Key Dates 
10/99Seventh-generation Celica comes onto the market, with a 1.8-litre petrol engine only.
10/10There's now a 189bhp engine available in the Celica 190; all cars until now offered 140bhp.
8/01Celica 1.8T Sport now offered, with sportier design inside and out; mechanically as Celica 190.
4/04Special editions unveiled; the Blue and Red, based on standard 140bhp Celica.
7/05GT limited edition appears, based on T Sport.
  • Check everyone can fit in; there's not much room in the back.
  • Is the car a grey import? If so, it may not have the correct UK specification - and may not be properly rustproofed.
  • Heavy oil consumption is normal; a litre every 600 miles is usual once 40,000 miles have been clocked up.
  • Has the car had ECU upgrades to increase the power? If so, has the car been thrashed mercilessly? Check for play in the transmission and worn tyre shoulders to indicate hard driving.

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