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BMW 7 Series (2001-2007) Buying Guide

BMW 7 Series (2001-2007)
BMW 7 Series (2001-2007)BMW 7 Series (2001-2007)BMW 7 Series (2001-2007)BMW 7 Series (2001-2007)BMW 7 Series (2001-2007)BMW 7 Series (2001-2007)BMW 7 Series (2001-2007)BMW 7 Series (2001-2007)Pictures shown may not represent exact model specified

by Richard Dredge

If there's a car to polarise opinions, the 7-Series is it. You love or hate the styling, along with the I-Drive control system. What you can't deny is that the car is great to drive, covers long distances with ease and is usually well screwed together. Not all examples have proved to be fault-free though, so check that service history very carefully before signing on the dotted line.

We LikeWe Don't Like
Build quality
Interior space
Frugality of 730d
Small boot
Awkward styling
Firm ride
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Key Dates 
12/01Fourth-generation 7-Series arrives, known as the E65 model. It's offered in 735i and 745i forms only.
3/01730i and (long wheelbase) 730Li appear.
4/02There are now Li editions of the 735i and 745i offered.
12/02Ultra-refined 760i and 760Li go on sale.
3/03730d joins range.
10/03735i and 745i are now available in SE trim.
1/05Facelift brings fresh headlamps, tail lights and bumpers. The 740i also appears, along with the 750i.
  • Automatic gearbox is officially sealed for life; but a drain and refill every 60,000 miles is highly recommended.
  • Seat belt mechanisms can play up.
  • Alloy wheels are prone to kerbing.
  • Check for tyre wear; fresh boots are costly.
  • If battery is allowed to go flat, all the electronics have to be reset - and it's costly.
  • Check you'll get on with the I-Drive before buying; some find it a doddle while others don't.
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