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Maserati 3200GT (1998-2002) Buying Guide

Maserati 3200GT (1998-2002)
Maserati 3200GT (1998-2002)Maserati 3200GT (1998-2002)Maserati 3200GT (1998-2002)Maserati 3200GT (1998-2002)Maserati 3200GT (1998-2002)Maserati 3200GT (1998-2002)Maserati 3200GT (1998-2002)Maserati 3200GT (1998-2002)Pictures shown may not represent exact model specified

by Richard Dredge

If you want heritage, gorgeous looks and plenty of power, this is the car for you. However, the Maser's chassis isn't all it should be and reliability can be an issue if the car is regularly thrashed. Also, while the 3200GT looks fabulous with those distinctive tail lights, it's also less well developed than the later 4200 Coupé and Spyder - which can cause problems. These cars are achingly desirable, but tread carefully.

We LikeWe Don't Like
Inert chassis
Patchy reliability
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Key Dates 
9/983200GT launched in coupé form only.
7/01Assetto Corsa edition appears, with stiffer suspension, bigger wheels, faster steering and stronger brakes.
1/023200GT replaced by Coupé.
  • Electrics can be troublesome, so make sure everything works.
  • 3200GTs builts in 1999 and 2000 were recalled over brake issues. Check the work has been done, as it's a very costly job.
  • Early examples had dodgy drive-by-wire throttles; check the software has been updated.
  • Make sure there's no juddering squeaking from the brakes; pads wear and discs warp with replacements costly.
  • If buying a semi-auto, check it swaps ratios smoothly; the clutch can fail.
  • If buying a manual, ensure there's no clutch slip; replacements are expensive.
  • Check there's plenty of tread on the tyres; replacements aren't cheap.
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