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Mitsubishi Colt (2004-2008) Buying Guide

Mitsubishi Colt (2004-2008)
Mitsubishi Colt (2004-2008)Mitsubishi Colt (2004-2008)Mitsubishi Colt (2004-2008)Mitsubishi Colt (2004-2008)Mitsubishi Colt (2004-2008)Mitsubishi Colt (2004-2008)Mitsubishi Colt (2004-2008)Mitsubishi Colt (2004-2008)Pictures shown may not represent exact model specified

by Richard Dredge

Sometimes the most obvious cars aren't necessarily the best. Take the Mitsubishi Colt for example; it's a cracker of a car, with reliability, equipment and flexibility all as standard, along with decent performance - yet it's a red-letter day when you see one. As a result, used values are lower than for more obvious superminis - so jump in before word gets out.

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We LikeWe Don't Like
Cabin flexibility
Spacious interior
Lack of seat comfort
Poor forward visibility
Small boot
Key Dates 
9/04An all-new Colt arrives, in five-door form only.
2/05A three-door edition appears, along with the 147bhp turbocharged 1.5-litre CZT.
12/05The previous Equippe, Mirage and Elegance trims are replaced by CZ1, CZ2 and CZ3 badges.
3/06The CZC coupé-cabriolet arrives, with 1.5-litre petrol power only - but a choice of normally aspirated or turbocharged units.
10/08Replaced by an extensively facelifted version.
  • The Colt's battery isn't maintenance free, so the level drops over time. Check that it's been topped up in the last month or so.
  • The engine coolant reservoir bottle top may not seal properly, so the level may drop; check it's up to the mark and that the engine hasn't overheated.
  • Interior trim is flimsy, so check it's not damaged; the glovebox lid is especially prone to problems because its catch fails.
  • A free ECU software upgrade at the dealer should cure problems with the AMT autoclutch gearbox.
  • The Colt is popular as an urban runabout, so check the wheels for kerbing and the tyres for uneven tread wear, suggesting the tracking has been knocked out.

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