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Jaguar XK & XKR (2006-2014) Buying Guide

Jaguar XK & XKR (2006-2014)
Jaguar XK & XKR (2006-2014)Jaguar XK & XKR (2006-2014)Jaguar XK & XKR (2006-2014)Jaguar XK & XKR (2006-2014)Jaguar XK & XKR (2006-2014)Jaguar XK & XKR (2006-2014)Jaguar XK & XKR (2006-2014)Jaguar XK & XKR (2006-2014)Pictures shown may not represent exact model specified

by Richard Dredge

When the Jaguar XK8 replaced the unloved XJS in 1996 the new grand tourer was well received, but it was the second take on the theme, the aluminium-bodied Jaguar XK of 2006 that really raised the bar. This junior supercar was immediately praised for its superb dynamics, wonderful performance and drop-dead gorgeous looks. One of the most capable grand tourers of its era, the Jaguar XK and its supercharged XKR sibling look fantastic, are solidly built and they're generally reliable too. There are neglected cars out there and running costs can be high, but it's worth making sacrifices for some pleasures and the Jaguar XK is one of them.

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We LikeWe Don't Like
Build quality
Relatively cheap to buy
Useless rear seats
Potentially high running costs
Key Dates 
1/06The XK debuts in coupe and convertible forms, with a 300bhp 4.2 V8.
9/06The 420bhp supercharged XKR arrives.
5/08The special edition XK60 appears alongside the high-spec Portfolio - both are mechanically unchanged.
1/09A facelift brings an all-new 5-litre V8; it gives 380bhp in the XK and 503bhp in the XKR. Other changes included a redesigned nose, LED rear lights and JaguarDrive, offering adjustable chassis settings.
3/08The 174mph XKR-S appears, limited to 200 units.
5/11The XK-RS is revived in 186mph form, as a regular production model.
9/13The ultimate XK appears, the XKR-S GT. Just 30 are made, including 10 for the UK.
  • Repairing the aluminium bodyshell is a specialist job, so if the car has been scraped, check who has fixed it.
  • Rear parking sensors have always been standard, but for several years they were only optional on the front.
  • Two options worth having are keyless entry and active lights; the latter turn with the steering and work brilliantly.
  • Those alloy panels corrode if the paint is scratched, so check all over, especially the tailgate, doors and wheelarches, for bubbling.
  • Some cars sit on 20-inch alloys while others have 19-inch rims. The former look fantastic but the latter provide a better ride. Whatever is fitted, kerbing is easy.
  • The footwells fill with water if the window seal isn't lubricated; it distorts when the windows are opened and closed. The air-con drain tube can also leak into the footwell.
  • The coupe offers decent practicality, but the rear seats are for small children only.

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