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Nissan Micra (2010-2017) Buying Guide

Nissan Micra (2010-2017)
Nissan Micra (2010-2017)Nissan Micra (2010-2017)Nissan Micra (2010-2017)Nissan Micra (2010-2017)Nissan Micra (2010-2017)Nissan Micra (2010-2017)Nissan Micra (2010-2017)Nissan Micra (2010-2017)Pictures shown may not represent exact model specified

by Richard Dredge

The Nissan Micra has a great reputation for being a car that's easy to own, good to drive, reliable and good value. But when the fourth-generation Micra was released in 2010 Nissan dropped the ball with a car that felt cheap and uninspiring in pretty much every way. A hefty facelift in 2013 went some way to addressing the key faults but even these later cars are left behind by rivals. As a result, this generation of Micra trails the class in several key respects, from the driving experience to the way it's put together. While there are plenty of very satisfied Micra owners, there are also quite a few who regret their purchase, so tread very carefully before buying.

We LikeWe Don't Like
Cheap to run
Low-CO2 engines
Roomy cabin
Easy to drive
Limited model range
Cheap interior
Dull to drive
Cheaply made
CVT gearbox
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Key Dates 
6/10The fourth-generation Nissan Micra arrives. It's offered only with a 79bhp three-cylinder 1.2-litre petrol engine with either a CVT or five-speed manual gearbox. Trim levels are Visia, Acenta and Tekna.
2/11There's now a supercharged version of the 1.2-litre engine, rated at 97bhp and just 95g/km of CO2.
12/11Kuro and Shiro (Black and White) trim levels are added, based on the mid-range Acenta.
9/12The special edition Elle is limited to 500 units in the UK.
6/13A facelifted Micra is launched, with a new look, extra equipment, upgraded interior and the option of navigation.
8/15Fitting between Acenta and Tekna is the new high-spec N-Tec.
  • Premature clutch failure isn't unusual. It's most likely on pre-facelift cars but even the newer models can be affected.
  • The interior quality isn't great which is why creaks and rattles aren't unusual. Neither are broken plastic trim parts.
  • Even low-mileage Micras can suffer from broken anti-roll bar drop links. This isn't dangerous but it will affect the handling.
  • The handling is vague at the best of times, but if it's really bad it's probably because the lower wishbone bushes need to be replaced.
  • The front side window door seals don't always seal very well, which increases wind noise and increases the likelihood of water getting into the cabin.
  • Panel fit is sometimes awry, especially the bonnet which may well need to be realigned.
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