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Nissan Almera (2000-2006) Buying Guide

Nissan Almera (2000-2006)
Nissan Almera (2000-2006)Nissan Almera (2000-2006)Nissan Almera (2000-2006)Nissan Almera (2000-2006)Nissan Almera (2000-2006)Nissan Almera (2000-2006)Nissan Almera (2000-2006)Nissan Almera (2000-2006)Pictures shown may not represent exact model specified

by Richard Dredge

You may think that the Almera is synonymous with being boring, but it's actually a good car to drive, even if it is uninspiring to look at. However, the dull image makes the car a great used buy because depreciation is savage yet the cars are inherently reliable. They also appeal to owners who mollycoddle them, so there are plenty of cracking low-mileage used examples out there to choose from.

We LikeWe Don't Like
Very reliable
Good to drive
Strong engines
Excellent 2.2dCi powerplant
Gutless 1.5 petrol engine
Cheap interior plastics
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Key Dates 
2/00Second-generation Almera arrives in three and five-door hatchback forms.
10/02The unloved four-door saloon is introduced; few are sold as the hatch is much more practical. Meanwhile, the hatch is also facelifted, with fresh headlamps and redesigned bumpers.
3/032.2dCi turbodiesel engine replaces previous 2.2Di unit. It's more frugal and refined as well as more powerful.
8/03Dual-fuel 1.8 LPG is now offered; you'll struggle to find one though.
  • Crankshaft position sensors can fail, leading to the engine cutting out and refusing to restart.
  • Engine can also refuse to run because of a failed camshaft position sensor. As with the crankshaft sensor, they're susceptible to water and dirt ingress.
  • Front springs have been known to break.
  • Heaters can pack up (although this is unlikely).
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