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Volvo V70 (2000-2006) Buying Guide

Volvo V70 (2000-2006)
Volvo V70 (2000-2006)Volvo V70 (2000-2006)Volvo V70 (2000-2006)Volvo V70 (2000-2006)Volvo V70 (2000-2006)Volvo V70 (2000-2006)Volvo V70 (2000-2006)Volvo V70 (2000-2006)Pictures shown may not represent exact model specified

by Richard Dredge

If you regularly need to carry big loads or lug heavy trailers or caravans, you need to at least take a look at the V70. You might not like the image of the typical Volvo driver, but the V70 is generally fabulous with its combination of comfort, space, equipment and build quality. They're also surprisingly economical too, especially in D5 turbodiesel form. However, these cars aren't as indestructible as you might think, and they can be very costly to fix if they go wrong.

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We LikeWe Don't Like
Good to drive
Fabulous D5 turbodiesel
Can be costly to fix if it goes wrong
Key Dates 
1/00Second-generation V70 arrives.
6/00V70 Cross Country in showrooms.
4/01V70 2.4T now offered with four-wheel drive.
6/01Bi-fuel V70 on sale, with LPG and petrol tanks. D5 also appears, with four-wheel drive option.
8/01Geartronic automatic transmission now offered.
9/02XC70 supersedes V70 Cross Country.
3/032.0T joins range.
5/05All new D5 engine supersedes previous unit.
  • Light bulbs fail regularly because they're on as long as the engine is running.
  • Batteries go flat because the immobiliser plays up.
  • Exhaust heat shields under the bonnet can resonate annoyingly.
  • Front suspension bushes fail and are expensive to replace.
  • Injectors can fail on D5 engines produced before 2003.
  • Locks can stop working, especially on the tailgate.
  • Electronic throttle modules die, leading to poor running (or no running at all); they're pricey to renew.
  • XC70 propshafts go out of balance.
  • Safety locks in rear doors can stop working.

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