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Mitsubishi Evo VII & VIII (2001-2005) Buying Guide

Mitsubishi Evo VII & VIII (2001-2005)
Mitsubishi Evo VII & VIII (2001-2005)Mitsubishi Evo VII & VIII (2001-2005)Mitsubishi Evo VII & VIII (2001-2005)Mitsubishi Evo VII & VIII (2001-2005)Mitsubishi Evo VII & VIII (2001-2005)Mitsubishi Evo VII & VIII (2001-2005)Mitsubishi Evo VII & VIII (2001-2005)Mitsubishi Evo VII & VIII (2001-2005)Pictures shown may not represent exact model specified

by Richard Dredge

Phenomenally quick machine that's probably the fastest point-to-point car available - although Impreza drivers might take issue with that. Fabulous to drive, astonishingly sophisticated and amazingly reliable too; as long as the car has been properly maintained. Yet none of this is at the expense of practicality; this car really does have it all, even if running costs are on the high side.

We LikeWe Don't Like
Lack of refinement
Needs frequent servicing
Costly to insure
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Key Dates 
3/01Evo VII goes on sale.
9/01Evo Extreme arrives.
1/02FQ-300 derivative is available.
4/03Evo VIII reaches showrooms along with FQ-300 version
11/03FQ-330 appears.
1/04Evo VIII MR is here
4/04Evo VIII 260 is offered.
5/04FQ-320 joins range.
7/04FQ-340 goes on sale.
11/04FQ-400 arrives.
  • Alloy wheels get kerbed easily.
  • Crashed cars may not have been repaired properly; HPI any potential purchase and check for poor panel fit.
  • Some grey imports have little or no history available.
  • Servicing requirements are high; check the car has been maintained properly.
  • Ensure there's a category 1 security system fitted; you'll need it.
  • Paintwork chips easily.
  • Battery earth comes loose, leading to temperamental electrics.
  • If an aftermarket exhaust is fitted, check there's a catalytic converter there.
  • First and second gears can be hard to select when cold; that's normal.
  • Whining from the gearbox means the output shaft bearing has worn; repairs are typically £1000+.
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