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Air con failure is costing British motorists

Posted: 24/09/2010

Using your air conditioning regularly is the best way to avoid expensive repair costs.

Faulty air conditioning accounts for 1 in 60 mechanical failures, equating to £237 million in repair costs to British motorists.

Those are the statistics published today by Warranty Direct as rising temperatures have motorists switching on their air con.

The company, which gathered the information from its database of 50,000 vehicles, warned that drivers who only use their car's air con on hot days are more likely to experience problems. This is because the compressor needs to be kept active in order for its components to be properly lubricated.

Warranty Direct's Duncan McClure Fisher said: "Too many drivers leave the system dormant for long periods of time, particularly during the winter, so we highly recommend that it's used at least once a week to avoid causing expensive repairs."

The average cost of air con repair is £479, largely due to it being a labour intensive job. Mercedes S-class drivers could end up paying as much as £2,293, while a Volkswagen Golf owner doesn't get off lightly either; they can expect to pay up to £713.