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It's all very well the experts telling you what you need to know about a car, but just as the Reliability Index offers 'real world' information about a vehicle's dependability, it's important also to know what real car owners think about their cars.

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Latest Buying Guide

Audi A6 (2011-2018)

Audi A6 (2011-2018) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeWhile it's the compact executive segment that tends to get much of the attention in terms of column inches and new car sales, move up a class to the executive sector and things get even more enticing. Take the Audi A6 for example. Compared with its smaller A4 sibling you get more space, more equipment and more... Read More

Suzuki Jimny (1998-2018)

Suzuki Jimny (1998-2018) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeThe Suzuki Jimny had an incredible 20-year stint and it was hardly the last word in comfort, refinement or technology when it arrived. So by the time it bowed out in 2018 it felt positively ancient, outclassed comprehensively by newer alternatives that were safer, quieter, better equipped and more comfortable.... Read More

Mercedes A-Class (2012-2018)

Mercedes A-Class (2012-2018) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeWhen Mercedes launched its original A-Class in 1998 it came up with something new and unique. Here was a small family hatch with an elevated position for its seats thanks to a 'twin-floor' construction that put all of the car's mechanicals underneath the occupants in the event of a crash. When the... Read More

Honda CR-V (2012-2018)

Honda CR-V (2012-2018) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeHonda was one of the first car makers to offer a compact SUV, with its original CR-V of 1997. That came hot on the heels of Toyota which had created the segment with its RAV4 three years earlier. So by the time the fourth-generation CR-V appeared in 2012 you'd expect Honda to have got the hang of things, and... Read More