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It's all very well the experts telling you what you need to know about a car, but just as the Reliability Index offers 'real world' information about a vehicle's dependability, it's important also to know what real car owners think about their cars.

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Kia Cee'd (2012-2018)

Kia Cee'd (2012-2018) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeWhile some car makers have seen their sales and market share slide, one brand that never seems to have any trouble selling its wares is Kia. With a range of smartly styled cars, a reputation for excellent reliability plus keen pricing that makes some rivals look distinctly expensive, the Cee'd makes a huge... Read More

Peugeot 508 (2011-2018)

Peugeot 508 (2011-2018) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeLarge French cars have always sold poorly and shed their value quickly in the UK. As a result, while Peugeot's biggest models have often been attractive for a variety of reasons, their high running costs because of savage depreciation can make them hard to recommend as a new buy. But that depreciation means... Read More

Suzuki Grand Vitara (2005-2014)

Suzuki Grand Vitara (2005-2014) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeWith the original Vitara, Suzuki was the first car maker to launch a compact SUV, but it took Toyota (with the RAV4) to create something more mainstream. By the time the third-generation Vitara (by now dubbed the Grand Vitara) was launched in 2005, Suzuki's small 4x4 had evolved massively. That hasn't stopped... Read More

Audi A1 (2010-2018)

Audi A1 (2010-2018) Buying Guide by Richard DredgeUntil the arrival of the Audi A1 it was the MINI that dominated the sophisticated supermini segment. Almost a decade after the miniature BMW's debut the A1 arrived and buyers could enjoy the understated design, refinement and build quality previously reserved for buyers of bigger, more expensive cars. The A1... Read More