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PEUGEOT 406 1.8

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Vehicle Details
Model: 1.8
Engine Size: 1749
Car Registered: 2000
Driven by reviewer:from 2000 to 2006
Vehicle type:New Private Car
Zippy yet economical
Reversing view limited
Lots of interior and boot space
Will fly but stops like a brick
Irritating non-availability of parts
Excellent drive for the price
Having to go back again for parts? Ridiculous.
Engine Problems:Some accelerator cable problems
Electrics Problems:CD Player now plays up
General Problems:Dealers expect wo visits (1) diagnosis (2) replacement of parts
Customer Service 
Would you buy from the same manufacturer again?No
Would you buy from the same range again? No
Was the car serviced by a franchised dealer? Yes
Service RatingFriendly, competent but expensive, with an irrritating unavailability of parts. How many days off work are needed for a simple service? Too many.
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