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FIAT Panda 1.2 Dynamic

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Vehicle Details
Model: 1.2 Dynamic
Engine Size: 1242cc
Car Registered: 2006
Driven by reviewer:from 2009 to 2013
Vehicle type:Used Private Car
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For a 1.2 eight valve, the performance is very brisk.
Well laid out, best use of limited space made
Its predominantly a town car with everything you need, but basic by today's standards
Don't know what to say really, twin airbags, ABS and no one has ever tried to steal it
In a word, bombproof, serviced properly, nothing should ever go wrong with the Panda
Ultra economical, 50 mpg urban in the hot weather, 40+ when its cold, holds its value well
As said, up to 50 mpg urban, cheap tax, no more to run than a medium sized motorbike
Bodywork Problems:Quick and quiet for a 1.2
Engine Problems:Quick and quiet for a 1.2
Gearbox Problems:Nicest gearchange of all the cars I have owned, and I've owned more than most
Electrics Problems:Never any problems
General Problems:With the exception of 13" wheels, narrow tyres and a woefully small fuel tank, I cannot find fault with the Panda. Fiat have built a car that shames all of the competition.
Customer Service 
Would you buy from the same manufacturer again?Yes
Would you buy from the same range again? Yes
Was the car serviced by a franchised dealer? No
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