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VOLKSWAGEN Passat Tdi 115 PD Sport Estate

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Vehicle Details
Model: Tdi 115 PD Sport Estate
Engine Size: 1900cc
Car Registered: 2000
Driven by reviewer:from 2003 to 2008
Vehicle type:Used Private Car
Flat lip into boot area is a bonus. Can easily get 3 metre long items into car.
Sport seats are a lot more comfortable than standard Passat seats. Includes lumbar support.
Remote control alarm.
Very good. In 50k miles the only unexpected problems have been a radiator replaced due to a pin hole probably caused by a stone, flimsy engine belly pans damaged by road debris and air mass meter replaced at 90k due to diminishing power from engine (£60 for 15min job, big difference afterwards).
Good value 2nd hand. I will be buying a newer TDi when i replace it.
Average to expensive depending on what is required. I average 50 mpg easily. This car is cheap to own compared to two BMWs I've had in the past.
Bodywork Problems:Very reliable until air mass meter needed replacing at 90k miles (£60).
Engine Problems:Very reliable until air mass meter needed replacing at 90k miles (£60).
Gearbox Problems:
Electrics Problems:CD multichanger frequently won't play CD 2.
General Problems:Use a VW specialist garage to keep bills down.
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Would you buy from the same manufacturer again?Yes
Would you buy from the same range again? Yes
Was the car serviced by a franchised dealer? No
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